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Does your home need high-quality gutters or effective gutter or roof repairs? Navo Roofer & Gutters can offer all the reliable services you need at fair and competitive rates! We work with excellent materials and have what is needed to handle small and large-scale projects. Working with commercial and residential clients, we are proud to be the go-to gutter contractor for many in Vallejo, CA!

What We Offer

Gutter Installation

Gutter Installation
Gutters are an important part of any building that serves a valuable purpose. We can install regular and seamless gutters efficiently, using top-grade materials and products. Our crew ensures a prompt and effective installation service that always delivers lasting results!

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning
Our excellent gutter services include timely maintenance such as detailed cleaning. As gunk, dirt, and organic debris such as leaves gather in the gutters, they create clogs and prevent proper water flow. We can clean out all types of gutters efficiently and without damaging them!

Jack Pipe Replacement

Jack Pipe Replacement
Many types of roofs have a jack pipe that serves to prevent rain and snow from entering the home through the ventilation system. If your jack pipe is damaged or old and ready to be replaced, we can handle the job. We always ensure excellent results and use the finest materials.

Skylight Installation

Skylight Installation
Enhance the values and beauty of your property by having a stunning skylight installed on the top floor of your home or building. We combine quality materials and modern technology to ensure safe and reliable results that will exceed our clients’ expectations every time.

Gutter and Roof Leak Repair

Gutter and Roof Leak Repair
Leaks in gutters are most likely to show up on the joints or due to rust and physical damage caused by storms. If your gutters or roof are leaking, a quick response will help prevent the damage from spreading. We always provide effective repairs safely and without delays.

Client’s Testimonial

by Linda W. Davis on Navo Roofer & Gutters
Highly Recommended!!!

They installed our gutters on our two story large home and did an excellent job. The installers arrived promptly, installed everything to specification and cleaned up after the job. Quality work, quality company, great prices! Highly recommend it.

Equip Your Property With Excellent Gutters
Gutters are quite important as they direct excess rainwater away from the roof and away from the building’s foundations. When installed properly by seasoned professionals, gutters can last and serve their purpose well for a very long time. However, timely maintenance is needed, because various debris can accumulate in the gutters and create obstructions. That is why professional gutter cleaning is recommended at least twice a year. Here at Navo Roofer & Gutters, we are trained and equipped to perform all the services we offer in a highly effective and precise manner. We conduct every installation and repair project according to industry regulations and standards.

How We Work
We approach every professional gutter and roof repair service with the same diligence and care. We focus on safety and put the necessary precautions into place for every project. Our team is equipped with top-grade tools. We implement reliable, time-tested techniques for all installation and repair projects. The materials and gutters we use are of excellent quality and will ensure both visual appeal and durability.

Book an appointment with reliable rain gutter installation contractors by contacting Navo Roofer & Gutters directly! Be sure to let us know if we can offer more information about our company and the work we do in Vallejo, CA. Contact us today!

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